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Accepted Papers

The final decision on papers acceptance has been made on 14th September 2022 ; therefore, we are delighted to announce the list of accepted papers (sorted by ID):

Regular session:

2 "Rethinking Adversarial Examples for Location Privacy Protection", Trung-Nghia Le, Ta Gu, Huy Hong Nguyen & Isao Echizen.
4 "Phase-Only Artificial Noise for Secure Communication with Multiple Antennas Using Simultaneous Orthogonalization", Adam I Rose, Bindu Chandna & Kevin Burke.
9 "Optimal Energy Efficient Design of Artificial Noise to Prevent Side-Channel Attacks", Shan Jin, Minghua Xu, Riccardo Bettati & Mihai Christodorescu.
17 "PRIDE: A Privacy-Preserving Decentralised Key Management System", David Kester, Tianyu Li & Zekeriya Erkin.
18 "ECU Identification using Neural Network Classification and Hyperparameter Tuning", Kunaal Verma, Mansi Girdhar, Azeem Hafeez & Selim Awad. 
22 "RoSe: A RObust and SEcure Black-Box DNN Watermarking", Kassem Kallas & Teddy Furon.
23 "Using Set Covering to Generate Databases for Holistic Steganalysis", Rony Abecidan, Tomas Pevny, Vincent Itier, Patrick Bas & Jeremie Boulanger.
24 "Printing variability of copy detection patterns", Roman Chaban, Olga Taran, Joakim Tutt, Yury Belousov, Brian Pulfer, Taras Holotyak & Slava Voloshynovskiy. 
25 "Supervised GAN Watermarking for Intellectual Property Protection", Jianwei Fei, Zhihua Xia, Benedetta Tondi & Mauro Barni.
28 "Mathematical model of printing-imaging channel for blind detection of fake copy detection patterns", Joakim Tutt, Olga Taran, Roman Chaban, Brian Pulfer, Yury Belousov, Taras Holotyak & Slava Voloshynovskiy. 
29 "Proof-of-Concept of Polar Codes for Biometric Identification and Authentication", Yicheng Bao, Linghui Zhou & Tobias Oechtering.
30 "Graph-based Robust Model Hashing", Yitong Tao & Chuan Qin.
31 "A Two-Step Method for Ensuring Printed Document Integrity using Crossing Number Distances", Felix Yriarte, Pauline Puteaux & Iuliia Tkachenko.
32 "Anomaly localization for copy detection patterns through print estimations", Brian Pulfer, Yury Belousov, Joakim Tutt, Roman Chaban, Olga Taran, Taras Holotyak & Slava Voloshynovskiy. 
33 "Digital twins of physical printing-imaging channel", Yury Belousov, Brian Pulfer, Roman Chaban, Joakim Tutt, Olga Taran, Taras Holotyak & Slava Voloshynovskiy. 
36 "Authorship Attribution of Small Messages Through Language Models", Antonio Theophilo & Anderson Rocha. 
40 "Few-shot Learning for Multi-modal Social Media Event Filtering, Nascimento", José; Cardenuto, João P; Jing Yang & Anderson Rocha.
52 "Toward Reliable JPEG Steganalysis (at QF100)", Etienne Levecque, John Klein, Patrick Bas &  Jan Butora.
58 "Robust Blind Video Watermarking, Constructing Spread-Spectrum Matrix", Fei Zhang, Hongxia Wang, Ling Yang & Mingze He.
60 "Demosaicing to Detect Demosaicing and Image Forgeries", Quentin Bammey, Rafael Grompone von Gioi & Jean-Michel Morel.
62 "T-GRU: conTextual Gated Recurrent Unit model for high-quality Linguistic Steganography", Zhen Yang, Zihan Xu, Ru Zhang & Yongfeng Huang. 

SPECIAL SESSION: Trends And Challenges In Audio Forensics:

10 "Microphone Identification based on Spectral Entropy with Convolutional Neural Network", Gianmarco Baldini & Irene Amerini
14 "Detecting Synthetic Speech Manipulation in Real Audio Recordings", Hafizur Rahman, Martin Graciarena, Diego Castan, Cobo-Chris Kroenke, Mitchell Mclaren & Aaron Lawson.
34 "Environment Classification via Blind Roomprints Estimation", Malte Baum, Luca Cuccovillo, Artem Yaroshchuk & Patrick Aichroth.
38 "Open Challenges in Synthetic Speech Detection", Luca Cuccovillo, Christoforos Papastergiopoulos, Anastasios Vafeiadis, Artem Yaroshchuk, Patrick Aichroth, Konstantinos Votis & Dimitrios Tzovaras.
46 "Exploring the Synthetic Speech Attribution Problem Through Data-Driven Detectors", Davide Salvi, Paolo Bestagini & Stefano Tubaro.
51 "The Sound of Silence: Efficiency of First Digit Features in Synthetic Audio Detection", Daniele Mari, Federica Latora & Simone Milani.
55 "Deepfake audio detection by speaker verification", Alessandro Pianese, Davide Cozzolino, Giovanni Poggi & Luisa Verdoliva.