Important update: because China’s Travel Restrictions due to COVID-19 have not been relaxed, we are sad to announce that IEEE WIFS 2022 will be held fully online.

Being one the largest city in the world and of the main economic center of China Shanghai one can find direct flies from any major city.

The conference will be organized in Shanghai University's historical campus (see its location on google map here :

For now, we hope that WIFS 2022 will be held onsite and other options will be considered upon the evolution of the situation.

Its main features are:
  • It is located very close to the very heart of Shanghai center. In addition, a metro station is located one block away (approx. 250m) from campus entrance and it is a straight ride (5 stations, about 10 minutes) to get to People's Square.
  • The surroundings of Shanghai University's historical campus are interesting and convenient. Two parks are located within walking distance (approx. 5 minutes), namely Daning park, the biggest green area in downtown, and Zhabei, a smaller yet very interesting park where people play various games and bring their birds.
  • Within walking distance one can also find a very large international shopping center, namely Da'ning plaza [TripAdvisor article], with a very large range of both Chinese and Western restaurants (there are more than hundreds of restaurants), a vast department store and a wide range of brands shops.
  • The Circus World [TripAdvisor article] is also within walking distance (approx. 10 minutes) and is definitely worth seeing.
  • Last, but not least, there is a quite a large range of hotels including the Radisson Four Seasons (4 stars) for attendees that will seek for rather high-end choice.
Date of update 15 septembre 2022